Mad Hatter's Sword
I was wondering, out of curiosity, for those of you that have seen Alice in Wonderland, can anyone identify Johnny Depp's (the Mad Hatter) sword? It looks a little like a Del Tin 5167? For those that haven't seen it, its actually a pretty good watch, rather better than i thought that it would be with the bonus that you get to see the mad hatter wielding a two hander.
Hi Christopher... I would say that isn't the same but a little bit closer ... look .. ( I own the DT Sword) .... the DT sword has a long straight cross guard (16"),, the grip alone is like 12" and the parrying hooks are small.

The MH sword has slightly curved guard ... has mushroom head pommel .. the parrying hooks are big ... maybe the DT-2158 but with parrying hooks .... but that's my humble opinion ---

I like the MD sword ... I hope that someday a brave manufacturer do it :)

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Thank you for those pictures, if you can turn up any more that'd be great. Its a very nice looking piece; if the six degree's of seperation thing really works then in theory in a short while we should be able to contact the armourer for the film who would be able to tell us exactly the provenance of the sword?

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