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Albion Scabbards
Now that Kevin Iseli has joined your team, can we expect to see some pictures of the Campaign-scabbards promised on Netswords? ;)
Campaign Scabbards
Hi Markus,

Sorry for the slow response. We have been a little busy at Albion. Peter will be arriving Monday, and we are all scrambling to make sure we're ready.

Kevin is doing a great job. His skill as a jeweler and leathersmith really shine through (his boar's eyes are much nicer than mine). He has quickly caught on to the subtle aspects of shaping a good wood core. So, I have no doubt that he will only continue to grow as an artist.

Kevin and I have several campaign line scabbards that we are working on this week. We did one last week but it was more of a "custom" campaign scabbard. In other words, it was not indicative of what the basic line will look like, so I didn't photograph it. We will, however, get a pic up this week.


Here are the pix
Sorry we were a little slower than expected but here are some pix of the Campaign Line scabbards and a link to our site:

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

Campaign Scabbard Page

If you have any questions, Kevin, Mike, or I would be happy to help.
Thank you very much :)
It looks very nice!
Hey Eric! I have a question for you: Could you guys make a campaign scabbard for an existing sword, but not an Albion Mark one? Or would that fall into the custom scabbard category? Thanks!
campaign line scabbards
Hi Geoff,

We can make campaign line scabbards for existing non-Albion mark blades. The core will be custom fit. The rest of the exterior will be the same as the photos that Eric posted. Call or E-mail Mike for a price quote.

Hello Mr. McHugh,
My name is Brian, and I just ordered a nex-gen Gaddhjalt. I am considering whether or not to add a scabbard to the order or have it made by CF, AE, or Triton. I'd like to ask some questions which I hope are not too ignorant.
--On the campaign scabbard shown above, how is the scabbard suspended from the belt? Loops on the ends of the belt? I don't see any fittings.
--I'm thinking of a period integral scabbard/belt. Would that fall into your "$500 Custom" price range?
--I was told about a month for the sword; how much time would a scabbard take after the sword is completed?

Thanks for your input,
Brian M
thanks for the interest...
Hi Brian,

Thanks for the interest in our scabbards. I am in Sweden right now on a research trip. So, please forgive me if my typing is not that great [swedish keyboard].

Kevin is our new scabbard maker. He does outstanding work. As the former scabbard maker at Albion, I will say that Kevin will continue to carry on Albion's standard for custom scabbard work. In addition, Peter Johnsson thinks very highly of his work too.

So, yes, we can make the scabbard that Patrick has for Big Johnsson. It will not be exact since my friend Peter made that scabbard, and my friend Patrick now owns it. Kevin can make a scabbard that is in the same spirit and very similar construction as that scabbard. There is a good reason our scabbards cost 500 dollars and up. Everything on our custom scabbards are hand made. We chisel and shape the core to the exact blade. The core follows the profile of the blade and it has distal taper to match the taper of the blade. The leather is hand dyed and sewn into place by hand. The belt fittings and chape are all hand forged and are based off of actual examples found on scabbards in Europe. The belt is attached in a manner that is consistent with the way the medieval craftsmen would have done. This take a lot of skill and patience and unfortunately cost.

On the other hand, if you can allow some compromises, the campaign line is a good alternative. It has some of the same features but some machine made elements go into it. It does not come with a belt, but a traditional belt can be placed on the scabbard for an additional charge.

Please feel free to call Mike a Albion for pricing and options. I promise you that we will not disappoint. When it comes to our scabbards, we do our best to meet the needs of the customer.

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Thanks for the reply. It sounds like the best solution (in my price range!) is the campaign scabbard modified with the addition of a belt. I will call up and discuss details and price with Mike as you suggest. I've also sent e-mails to CF and AE, so I should be making a decision shortly.

Brian M
Here's a photo of my integral belt arrangement.

 Attachment: 5.98 KB

Christian Fletcher wrote:
Here's a photo of my integral belt arrangement.

That's a great looking assembly Christian. I especially like the effect that the fuller in the scabbard provides. These integral belt/scabbard kits are my favorites.
Yeah, looking at the work Peter Johnsson did on your integral suspension was another voyage of discovery. Not a single rivet or stitch involved (if I recall correctly). And all those loops within loops, holding everything down....
Hello, Mr. Fletcher! May I ask how much that kit goes for, and what your waiting list is like? Mike at Albion said he was estimating 3-4+ weeks for the sword, and he was of course willing to ship directly to a scabbard maker.

Brian M
That's a slightly customized historical scabbard in the photo: $275. The integral suspension adds $95 to that. The wait for this work would be about four or five weeks.
Could the integral belt ($95) be added to your "Basic" ($150) scabbard? Or does the work involved in adding the belt make the scabbard a "Historical" piece @ $250?
I wouldn't necessarily want extras like the fuller mirrored on the scabbard. A simple iron chape is all I really want.

Brian M
Sure, modifications to the scabbard or your choice are included in that belt price.
Here's some more images of an Albion campaign scabbard that I was able to grab:

[ Linked Image ]
Nathan Robinson wrote:
Here's some more images of an Albion campaign scabbard that I was able to grab:

[ Linked Image ]

The scabbard is one that Kevin put together for a Rouen while Nathan was visiting.
Jason Dingledine wrote:

The scabbard is one that Kevin put together for a Rouen while Nathan was visiting.

I assume that for the hollow-ground scabbards, the inside of the scabbard is shaped to the blade's hollow-ground shape?

Till later,
Geoff Freeman wrote:

I assume that for the hollow-ground scabbards, the inside of the scabbard is shaped to the blade's hollow-ground shape?

Till later,

I'm guessing (and folks from Albion please correct me if I'm wrong) but the Campaign line would probably not be shaped to fit the hollow grinding of a blade. This would need to be done by hand and would immediately price it out of the range the Campaign line is meant to fit. I would think that by keeping the clearances of the ridges and the edges close, the scabbard would fit well without needing to match the hollow grinding profile.

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