Landsknecht arming doublet

I saw the picture shown below in a recent post. I would like to have information, photos and illustrations on the type of gambeson/arming doublet wearing the Landsknecht.

I have a question, which arming doublet worn by Landsknecht in 1500/1510 under an armor with his arms full?

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Grosse messer, 16thC.jpg

Landsknecht Doublet's are called "Wams" in German... Take a look at most wood cuts of landsknechte such as those by Sebald Beham and you will see all kinds of crazy sleves and the like...
What do you mean in particular? You can show me some examples?
Can anyone help me?
Hey Alberto -

Have a look at It's a great repository of images of Landesknechts.

Also - there are some great pictures in their gallery, one of which is here:

This should be helpful to get an idea of what they were wearing, but if you need specific information, I'd advise you to contact them or another group which concentrates on these soldiers in particular.

Hope this helps,

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