Pattern 1796 light cavalry saber advice needed
Ok so i need some help

i have inherited one of the for mentioned sabers and looking for a bit of help.

the back ground for the weapon is this:

i was given to me by my nans and the story goes that it was my granddads dads (so my great granddads) cavalry sword from when he was in the British army in WW1.

i know he was in the army and in the cavalry in WW1 as i have pics and medals including quite a rear one but they seem like a more logistics role from what i heard in accounts ect.

but from what i have researched i know it is a Pattern 1796 light cavalry saber which is well before the WW1.

now with age it had obviously corroded so my granddad had painted the scabbard and handle

the blade is tarnished but not rusty, but it dose have some sighs of use and damage. there are impact lines and notches like its slashed something solid but there is also a mark and discoloration by the hilt as if it may have nearly broken or been repaired.

i im hopping you can advice on how to store and care for it and im also wondering if anyone know any company in the UK possibly midlands based area that deals with looking after them as i have had no success in finding any marking ect and would like to get it cleaned up if possible.

these should be the pics
That is indeed a Pattern 1796 light cavalry sword, and likely an officer's sword. The blade appears to have traces of blue and gilt decoration. Extreme care needs to be taken when cleaning a blade decorated thusly. The front page of Sword Forum International has a very good article on conserving antique swords:

I recommend posting your query there, too, as there are quite a few people who collect Napoleonic era British swords and could point you towards someone who could help you conserve and you sword.

I think WWI use is very unlikely for your sword. Depending on whether or not your grandfather was a trooper or an officer in a cavalry regiment, he would have carried either a Pattern 1908 cavalry trooper's sword or a Pattern 1912 Cavalry Officer's Sword.


PS--You may enjoy this site which has many photos and several articles on the P1796:

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