Hello everyone.
I'm very confused about how the scabbard with a sword was attached to a belt in the beggining of XV century, and to be more precise in the year of 1410, 15 of July, at 11.32. :-)
I've done a lot of researching, but I didn't found what I need. I have found 5 types of wielding a sword.
1. The most popular I think in XII, XIII, and also on this forum:
2. The second one is:
I found some pictures for this attachment after year of 1430.
3. Next one is with metal rings, and leather belts like in the picture:
This one os probably the most accurate for what I need, but I'm not sure.
4. Another one is similar to the second one but belt is rounded on a scabbard only once, not three times loke in seconed example. Never met that someone used a replica with such a sword wielding.
5. And this one is pretty wierd form about 1420-1430

I must say I really like the first 2, but I don't know if they are correct to my time.
Can anyone give me advise witch of these are the most suitable for my period (year about 1410).