Spear point quality and alignment question
Hello all,
I recently purchased an Arms & Armor 12th century spear from a reputable company, but I need some input on the alignment of the head to the shaft. It isn't very straight. The shaft is more straight than I expected it would be, within 1/2" overall AND tip to tip. The box appears fine, NO dents, crumples, etc., a few very minor scuffs.

It looks like it is a bad mounting job.

My question is this:
What is the reasonable alignment? Is there a tolerance for the alignment?

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Did you contact the maker and ask them about it? Did you show them the photos? Did you express your concerns to them?
No, I have not done any of that yet.

I want to know what you guys think is a reasonable fit and alignment.
Things always look a lot worse in close-up photos. Fact of life. Having said that, the fit looks fine. The alignment does not. From the photo, it looks like the head is warped or shifted. (Though, because it's a close-up, it could be by only 1/8" for all I know)

But I'd encourage you to talk to the maker before you publicize the problem, potentially causing harm to the maker. Give them the chance to discuss it with you and make it right. Or give them the chance to hang themselves. Whichever direction it goes. :)
Head alignment
Hi Clayton.

This is Craig from A&A. The alignment of that head is not acceptable to us. It looks like it got knocked to the side or possibly got mounted wrong way around. Either way give me a call as soon as is convient and we will take care of it for you 800 745 7345.

Thanks Craig, for the info over the phone. You were very helpful.

If you don't like the fit, then I don't fell like a nit-picker.

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