Which is the best new inexpensive type X sword
We seem to have an embarrassment of riches in new fairly low priced type X swords and they all seem like good values. My question is which one is the most desireable and why. There are two Hanwei Tinker type X swords, The Norman and the 9th century Viking and then there is the new Hedemark made by Valiant.

To my eye the Hedemark is the nicest looking one of the trio but I don't know the relative quality of the blades.

My sense is that the Hanwei Tinker swords may be better choices for project swords because clearly less money has been spent on the leather work on those than on the Hedemark.

The Squire line Viking by Albion seems to be on the high side of this price range too.

I'd be interested to hear opinions from those who have familiarity with these swords.
The Type X covers a fairly long time span. If you could be a bit more specific what you are looking for it would help. What century, and what Geibig type are you after? If you want an 11th century Type X your goals would be allot different than an 8th century Type X. If you pick a sub-type (i.e. Geibig 3) it would also be easier. Lastly how much customizing can you do? If you know how to build a whole hilt and just want a good blade your goals will be different than if you just want to re-wrap the grip. Good luck picking a Type X, it is my favorite sword type.!
Hadrian :)
p.s. Of the swords you listed the SL Viking is a very nice sword, my only problem is the over machined look. For under $1,000 though it is probably the best Type X available!
Hmmm..If I wanted to stay on the sunny side of $1,000.00 I'd really be looking at the Albion Gaddhjalt although I like earlier "viking" style swords also. What I was trying to do was find out the relative merits of the two Hanwei/Tinker swords and the Valiant/Christian Fletcher Viking sword.

I have an Albion Knud I don't expect the fit and finish to be as good on these swords.

If I were to buy one right now I'd probably choose the HT 9th century with the Norman running a close second. The problem is that I don't know the relative quality of the steel and handling characteristics of the blades. I didn't start this topic to be about MY choices so much as to get a relative reading on the pros and cons of these swords in general.

I suspect the the HT Norman is the easiest to tinker with (excuse the pun) because I think it has a threaded pommel although I'm not positive about that either.

metal work...me? Not so much. Wood is my material of choice.
Both Hanwei Tinker Viking and Norman have peened pommels. I didn't handle the Norman but I'm very satisfied with my Viking. It's my favorite one handed cutter. The blade and fittings are great but it does get loose with use and you have to whack it with a hammer few times when it does get loose. It could use some sharpening but the edge is functional even out of the box. I still use it without any aditional sharpening.
With Hedemark I think you pay more for the leatherwork than for the sword itself. If nice grip and scabbard is important to you go for it. But if you just want a good sword for low price go for Hanwei Tinker. Either one.

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