help: problems with a helmet
I urgently need to have information on the helmet of the photo, :?: precise dating, collection or museum where it is and if there are other photos of this model. help!
I also need to know what good was the ring that is located on the front of the helmet.

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I my self would like to know more about this helmet. I have posted your pic if you don't mine for user to view on. hopefully this would help them identify more quickly ..

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Thank you :) , we hope to soon get new information
This is an early form of burgeonette, sometimes I believe refered to as a sturmheub. I believe this one dates to around 1500-1510. I would assume that the piece on the front was perhaps for some sort of face plate. I may be wrong but I believe at the time this picture was taken ( c. 1900- 1920 ) it was in the German National Museum. The pic is from before the war so where it is now I don't know.

This probably won't help much, but just to add to the info from Allan.....

There is a fluted Austrian armet (1510-20) in the Victoria and Albert Museum that has a very similar staple. In this case it is mounted on the overlapping right cheek piece. A photo caption of 1960s states, "The staple pierced with an a peculiar feature; its function is uncertain." I have always thought it was for some sort of reinforcing plate for the chin joint.

Thanks for posting the photos. Have only seen a few similar helmets, but only in woodcuts, etc.

As Allan said. It was an extremely common light infantry helmet, judging from Austrian art of the period. I've always assumed that the staple is for a narrow pivoting nasal, and I vaguely recall seeing that in a Dürer woodcut. A variant of this helmet is made of small overlapping scales, presumably stitched to a padded fabric cap. Here is a TINY sampling of Austrian images to chew on--there are hundreds at IMAREAL:

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A few more:

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Sean Flynt wrote:
A variant of this helmet is made of small overlapping scales, presumably stitched to a padded fabric cap. :

Can you post any pictures of these helmets?
This is typical, ca. 1517. Discussion here:

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is a very interesting one of your images, the first of your second post. Can you tell me the author and where is it? and maybe you have one a little bigger?

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Kunstwerk: Malerei-Holz ; Einrichtung sakral ; Flügelaltar-Werktagsseite
Dokumentation: 1518 ; 1518 ; Sebes ; Rumänien ; Siebenbürgen ; Evang. Kirche
Anmerkungen: 145x110

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thanks sean! :)
Since I'm going to make me a replica of the helmet of the picture, if you have any further information, images and photos let me know ...
I'll pass along anything else I find. By the way, it might be possible to modify a cheap "celtic" helmet like the old Windlass "Celtic Boar Helmet". There are more current versions around. Those are simple steel bowls of this size, with decent liners. A bit of hammer work at front and rear, cutouts on the sides and creation of the laminated cheek guards....
I am from Romania, Hunedoara, about 68 km from Sebes ... and also I am a member of a medieval reenactment group in Hunedoara. I never saw that painting but It looks interesting. I will try to find out more.

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