Opinions sought of Hanwei SH2060N Claymore.

I am infatuated with the Hanwei "antiqued" Claymore sword whose catalog number is SH2060N. Before I spend $200+ for this thing, can anyone vouch for its quality? Is it big? Can it cut well?

I know there are more expensive brands with Claymores, but Hanwei's seems to be the most accurate looking Claymore. Besides that, I think it's the coolest looking Claymore. I got their "Bastard sword" (SH2250N) for a good price and am quite pleased with it eventhough I've never used it for real - just dropping slobber on the floor while looking at it. :-)

At the very least, it'll look cool to have a Claymore on the wall by the fireplace. But if it were to really be used (you never know when an evil farm animal will break into your house) can it cut well? I'm thinking ahead to Christmas dinner!

More seriously though, do you guys only collect swords like Hanwei's and Del Tin's swords, or do any of you actually use these swords in the field to practice routines or actually spar? I am aware of practice swords and wooden wasters which I'll use if I can ever join an ARMA group or a similar school. I'd hesitate to use my Bastard sword for real unless some fantastic situation occured where I'm actually being attacked and absolutely must defend myself ... and I don't have time to use my gun.

Thanks. I assume there are Hanwei Claymore owners out there.

Dustin Faulkner
Don't own one myself, but I've seen two of the non-antiqued versions now where the langets were riveted through the blade for reasons unknown.

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