Angus Trim
Where can I find a website with all of Angus Trim's swords and their dimensions on display?

I can't seem to find a old website that had all on display.

Any input is welcomed.
The old ATrim sites have all been discontinued. go here at SFI - - where Glen Cleeton has put together an archive of old ATrim swords.
Current ones for sale here:
I miss Angus Trim swords. They had a certain je ne sais quoi to them.
J.D. Crawford wrote:
Current ones for sale here:

I see there is a new Triple Fullered Type XIII Maker's Mark there - -

I've got that model. If someone wants to get an ATrim (not that easy to do these days), I highly recommend that you get that one.

Edited to add - someone has already snapped it up

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Yeah, I love Gus' swords too. They have always had a no frills working man at arm's character to them. I have accumulated a pile of them and love them all. I know its my personal issue, but in the back of my mind I still have some residual reticence about swinging a $1500 sword at objects. For working out in the backyard my ATrims are always at the top of the list. As for basic ATrims, they are still trickling in as Gus finishes them and showing up from time to time on CF's website and I am sure you could make a request to Gus funneled through Christian. My only wish would be that CF and Gus work out an email list so we would know when swords come available, kind of like what Tinker does. :cool:

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the new peened style of construction. It is more historically accurate but I have always liked the take down ability on ATrims.

What we should probably do is start a thread called "show your ATrims" as sort of a reference library. tr
Yes I also love the Swords of Angus Trim. at one time i owned 9 i think. now i just have two left, 1517 Phat Bastard, and a 1445 Phatter Bastard. these two have been up for sale more the once, but i always come to my senses and pull them back off. Gus may not have always delivered on time, but I was always satisfied when they showed up.


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I only own one Gus Trim sword (a model 1313 type 12a) but it is a beauty and very nicely balanced. with the new prestige line being offered by Christian Fletcher using Gus Trim blades that have supposedly been polished to an Albion like satin finish, Gus's blades will be even more desirable.

But I guess we are getting away from the subject of were to find what models are still available. Good Luck , you wont be dissapointed with his swords.

The first All Saints lists are probably the best bet for the past aside from the more recently shut down Direct page. The search will bring up quite a bit but navigating pages can be a chore at times and many not take you where a given page was first linked, Christians pages are fun to browse wayback as well. He has put up some old picture galleries for Gus' stuff that can be found on the current page. Keep in mind that all those swords of the past continued to evolve and what was representative of a 2002 model may make no sense at all in applying a model number to a more recent sword (overall specifications).

When in doubt, just run a model number through a search here at myArmoury or SFI. There are a lot of notes between the two venues that would keep anyone busy for hours at a time. Some other notes and pictures are long lost to the net. Al Massey and Jake Powning trying a gun barrel and Randal heave hoing in bending (I believe that same blade) a Swede bastard model, pinched in a vice. Poking around in varied Gus threads will yield a crop of old links. Countercut (uk) and Dancing Giant for two more. Don't forget Ruas of Tritonworks as well. There is a lot of data there. Not to forget Don Nelson's formula for handling.

I have been cutting very little in the past couple of years but still have my prime western cutters at hand here in one of the old school light "Classic" XIIIa swords (Albion/Trim marked) and a 1319 Xiia with a shorter (8") grip. Below are the two hanging (perched) with a Del Tin 5157 and with the grips/fittings together as an example of progression from the old bubinga grip shape handles and the All Saints days under Hemmingway's tiller. There is still a fair amount of swords in the classifieds from time to time and consider them a good buy when found. I have just gone in a direction that precludes snatching some of them up.

Ken Jay had probably one of the most complete old collection archives (of single handers anyway) and often posted images showing some of the gang.



Adding to say that I did harvest a lot of the Angus Trim Direct images but my notes on them have very few specifications aside from pob and overalls. Best to use for any of those old specs. Remember though (as noted on the front page of that site in the fall of 2008), all orders should go through Christian and what is, what it is. Don't forget Lee Reeves for any old stuff as well.

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