The words of the ancient Romans
In some of the related historical works I've read, the authors have cited or even quoted great Romans like Cicero and Caesar. However, are there published works by these people in the English language? I think it would be rather interesting to read the personal correspondence of Caesar in respect to his campaign in Gaul (though I imagine having spent the better part of a decade trying to obliterate them, there would be a lot of reading involved).

Your'e asking if there are works by Caeser and Cicero translated into English? Yes. Try Caesar's Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars. As for Marcus Tullius Cicero, just go to and type his name - letters, essays, speeches, etc.
Some of them (if not all) you can find in internet. Is not as they are protected by copyrights!
(Ok, sometimes the translation are protected)


I have studied over them for five years...

There are MANY translations of Caesar's works, and probably many of Cicero, too. There is a famous series called the Loeb Classical Library which covers many ancient authors. Each volume has the original language (Latin or Greek) on the left-hand page and the English on the right, so you can check the original words and pick apart the translation if necessary.

But yeah, a lot of these guys can be found online:

Labyrinth Library--Latin Texts

Perseus Project

Online Medieval and Classical Library

Happy reading!

Here is the link for the Ancient History Sourcebook for Rome at Fordham University.

You can go to the home page for sources in other periods as well.

Have fun! :cool:

Wow that's a lot of good info

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