I recently came across an old sport fencing epee in the back of an antique store in Ardmore, Oklahoma. It was propped up in a waste basket with numerous old canes and the like and was marked for $5.00. I purchased the epee for the mere novelty of the thing, and upon later examination found it to be marked "W. Clauberg/Solingen" on one side near the guard. On the flip side of the blade it is marked with a knight. The grip appears to be very old and wooden, perhaps once covered in leather. All the fittings are brass. Judging by the knight mark and fashion of the name W. Clauberg I can date the sword between 1918 and 1977, though I imagine it is closer to 1918.

I've attached a picture for reference, sorry for the bad quality. Does anyone know what something like this would be valued at? I cannot seem to find any sale records of like swords. I realize that it's no grand treasure, but I'm hoping it might be worth a penny or two. Thanks in advance for any information guys.

EDIT: It would seem the sword began life as something similar to these...


The sword fittings and size appear to be identical.

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