Long Sax or Scramasax Sword by Aceros de Hispania
Good Evening,

Has anyone seen or know anything about these two items? They seem a bit soft but offer a sharp blade as an option. I really like ArmArts Seax made from a broken sword, but is priced a bit dear. The first two items are priced under $200.
Any information appreciated.
I've removed your duplicate post from the Off-Topic forum. Please do not post the same topic in more than one place.

If you have a link to Aceros de Hispania that may help people answer your question.
Robert what do you intend to do with either of the items once purchased? I ask because the blades are made of stainless steel, and are most likely intended for display only. Making knives from stainless is great because of its rust resistant properties, not to mention its hardness for edge retention. Swords on the other hand (or anything above 18 inches. a rule of thumb I once heard somewhere) should be made out of high carbon steel. A sword made from stainless will be susceptible to breaking due to being too rigid.
Personally if you like ornate pieces that are made to sit on a shelf for display then this maker might be what you seek. If you want something that is functional (and possibly just as ornate) then you should seek another vendor/maker. For 200 dollars you could get something functional from a number of makers. Like CAS/Hanwei, Museum Replicas, Generation2, Deepeeka, Valiant Armoury, Darksword Armoury, just to name a few (If I left anyone out it was not intentional). They will not be as ornate however.
I will admit that I really like the blade and hilt design of the one Alexander the Great Falcata even if the hilt is historically lame. I hope this helps. Good luck!!
Hello Luke,

Thanks for your information. As Chad said I should add a link:


Really they look rather plain and not very ornate. Also I know that stainless doesn't make good swords, not being an expert, I wasn't sure that Carbon steel CSN 14260 (DIN 54 SiCr 6). was stainless or not.. Really ,except for the expensive custom ones, I don't know of any production long sax besides these two.

I don't have plans to raid any villages, but want something that will look natural with my Vinland.

I guess that these have not been popular in the US as no one seems to have owned any.


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