Aluminum cross on Windlass German Bastard Sword
I've been picking up some project swords lately. I've liked the blade on the Windlass German Bastard sword so recently I purchased one inexpensively. I thought the photos I had seen here of the hilt were quite nice for the price range and was curious how Windlass managed to turn out such a form. Well, it didn't take long to realize when I held it that the Crossguard was cast in Aluminum. I have to ask folks here if they were all made this way? Has Windlass used aluminum in the past?

I'm glad I bought it for a project blade, otherwise this would be a terrific dissapointment.

Cheers, Adair
Are you sure it is an actual Windlass piece? Did / does it have the "Windlass" ink stamp on the ricasso?

There are quite a few of these on Ebay that are cheap knock - off's of Windlass models (GBS, Crecy, 15th c. longsword, etc).

Thank you for the pointer. The sword is not in fact a Windlass. The pommel will be useful for other projects. The hilt will go in the recycling and I will find something to do with the blade. I'll have to cut the blade down quite a bit since the tang is ridiculous.

The WINDLASS German Bastard Sword has absolutely no aluminum components. I'm not personally aware of any Windlass-created "historical" offering that uses aluminum as a material. (Stainless and chromed steel: yes... unfortunately, but not aluminum)

As Bill mentions, there are many people knocking off this design (and others) and claiming that they are Windlass-created items. Some are going so far as to even put a Windlass sticker on the blade.
It's pretty low when you're knocking off WINDLASS, of all things.

I actually bought one fo these from the seller you guys are mentioning. the blade is identical to one made a few years back by windlass. I bought it to use as a beater/training rapier, and it serves that function well (plus the price was right-about 50 bucks).

The hilt is not aluminum. The blade, while carbon steel, is barely heat treated, and will take a set if bent more than about 15 degrees. However, it still functions adequately for its intended purpose, despite also having a ridiculously thin tang.
M. Eversberg II wrote:
It's pretty low when you're knocking off WINDLASS, of all things.


I have seen cheap Chinese knockoff of very very "niche" market items so... it's pretty astonishing what they will do.

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