Triplex Breastplates from ECW?
So i was watching the history channel and came accross an Ancient Discoveries episode on battle tanks. In short it discused Triplex Breastplates in the English civil war that had 3 layers to the breastplat that made it bullet proof/resistant to the muskets of the time. The breastplate was x-ray'ed and it was found to not only have an inner and outter shell but to have a inner piece possibly made of a tasset inserted into the piece.

The episode was dated 2008 so maybe this has already been disscused in length. Does anyone know any additional information about this topic.

My brother and I have been discussing balistic protection (VS. Bow/Crossbow) found in transitional era pieces combining quilted, plate, and maille and how that may effect the penitration abilities of the arrow, so this Triplex armour is an interesting sidebar.

You will find that with the search function.
I will give it another try. My search FU is weak, i must train harder!
The first publication about his type of armour was fairly recent. It can be found in the Royal Armouries Journal Arms & Armour, "Duplex Armor: an unrecognised mode of construction", by de Reuck, Richardson, Starley, and Edge. Vol 2, No. 1, 2005, pp. 5-27.

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