Hanwei Basket Hilted Broadsword
Though my collection has migrated toward mostly custom made pieces, I am almost embarrased to state that I'm enticed by the looks of the Hanwei Basket Hilted Broadsword (sharp). does anyone have one of these that they'd be willing to comment on? I'm in line for an ElJay basket but that is still years away...will I be dissappointed if I drop a couple hundred on this sword?
Depends on what you want it for. It's a decent cutter, but the basket is only so-so. If you get it for a couple hundred, that's a decent price (at least 30 - 50 bucks cheaper than I paid). Compared to my Mad Piper Claymores, it's not entirely accurate - compared to an Eljay, not even close to the same league! Still, it's probably the most accurate replica on the manufactured marketplace - more accurate than the Cold Steel baskethilt, a better cutter than the Windlass, loads better than a Deepeeka or the other cheap India made swords.

If you had the pommel incised with some fluting, it would help the looks a lot.
Thanks for the reply. That's about what I expected. I'm interested only in that it will help tide me over with this typology of sword until my ElJay is built and delivered. I think it should be fine but just don't want total crap hanging around... My collection, like everyone's I suspect, started with very inexpensive production stuff and has slowly migrated through the ATrim/CF line and Albion swords to settle on mostly custom stuff made for me by John Lundemo. I'm not expecting the Hanwei to be anywhere close to an ElJay basket with a Lundemo blade, as I will ultimatly have...since I'm pretty familiar with the incredible differences between even high-end production pieces and a custom blade made just for you. I just want t know it won't fall apart on me immediately, feel like a brick, or look silly in my collection.
Take a look at Armour Class in Glasgow. You can find the link on this site. The hilts are very nice and the blade is the lightest, most responsive that I know of, including some other custome jobs. It is a very, very good compromise between an ELJay and a Donnie Shearer (Mad Piper.)

BTW, for those of you who know Donnie...send him an email. He is in quite bad health right now. Wish him well.
I have the backsword and the broadsword. They are fine for the price. Certainly they don't hold a candle to custom work but for what most people do with them they are more than adequate.

Sorry to hear about Donnie. I will drop him a line.

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