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If you could wear any sword you want, what would it be?
Suppose the government of the country you currently live in decides to lift any regulations regarding the wearing of swords. You can now legally wear any sword you want, whereever you want. Socially, things remain more or less as they are now, but because of the government's huge positive publicity campaign, at least people know that wearing swords is not illegal. Some avantgarde fashion concious persons have already been seen with the new Armani-designed swords (with diamonds and pink scabbard for the ladies), but swords are not exactly common on the streets yet.

What would you do? Would you wear a sword everyday? If so, what kind?
I'll bite on this...

I'd choose a gladius in a baldric. Easy to put on / take off, sturdy enough to defend against a larger blade, yet small enough to be drawn and used in very close quarters. I would be trading off a few things, but I believe that the whole size/CQB usage benefit me in the long run.

As it stands currently however, I carry a G19C 9mm when I am off-duty and a G22 .40 when I am on duty - so really not much need for a sword if they suddenly became a fashion statement. If everyone were wearing them around, I'd still be old fashioned and carry a firearm... ;)
Why, that one is easy to answer! Well made replica of one of Valsgarde or vendel swords of course, to compliment my Beretta M92F - pistol would have to recive some "facelift" with panels in the Vendel style of course... :)
then it would be a "Langes Messer"...a nice one with deer antler hilt. jep would look nice...


A sword that i would wear would probably be a bit customized cutlass. A bit trade-off from the width and weight department and i have a blade that has basket guard and good cutting capability. Not as good sticker as a gladius would be, but basket would make a good knuckle-duster for non-lethal purpose. And is also durable enough, to use in everyday task.

Alas, the sword for say, more public wearing, would be smallsword. Laws may allow wearing a sword, but i think that using it would be still illegal and there is no need to carry anything larger :)
Regarding personal defence issues, where I live there is not really any need to carry a weapon. And I think that this would not really change when people start wearing swords. In the middle ages, I'd say that, very generally speaking, wearing a sword inside a city was also not strictly neccessary from a defensive standpoint. There is, of course, always a bit more danger if you are looking for it...

But not to drag this thread in potentially muddy waters, let's leave defensive issues out of it and look at it from a fashion / utility standpoint.

Personally, I think I would usually not wear a sword. I fear I'd find it too cumbersome. But for going out, a nice modern smallsword would do nicely I think. I'd also want something like the Dutch Klewang (but with a smaller basket) for utility. Kinda like the big equivalent of the camping knife. I'm not exactly sure what to use it for, but I'd carry it anyway. :cool:
I'm with J.E. one this one. It would be a gladius pompeii style. However I will also say something is response to the gun comment... Swords don't run out of ammunition. :D [/quote]
Hmmm... It would be a toss-up between a highly decorated Cinquedea (with lots of fullers, ivory hilt, and engraving), a messer with lots of by-knives and tools, or an 18th century English or Dutch style hanger, curved blade, shell guard and knucklebow. :cool:

Oh, damn! I almost forgot that I'm a Scot, and I SHOULD have said a Walter Allen hilted Claymore (but one of those would probably get in the way in my small cubicle at work!). I definitely would want a nice Scots dirk to go with whatever I choose, for sure.
Something type XIV with a buckler. That way I have a relatively short sword with the versatility of a buckler for ease of carry that can be used in tight spaces like alleyways or indoor hallways.
I wouldn't wear a sword every day for 'defense' even if I could. Let's just say I've got other things on hand that I can carry right now even without a change in laws. Of course if EVERYONE started wearing a sword then I'd need to rethink things to not stand out looking vulnerable or something.

Maybe if it becomes fashionable I'd wear a buckler. As far as I know, there isn't really a law against that at the moment anyway. I'd probably carry a bigger knife or dagger as well. It would be nice to wear a rapier but it would get in the way too much, and I don't have any clothing nice enough to be considered an appropriate fashion combination anyway.
I wish i could say flail, but it would probably annoy me as its pretty hard to not have that thing swing against your legs everytime you walk. plus you dont want to hold it the whole way so.

I would probably have a pretty ballock dagger and some throwing knives in my belt. And as main sword http://www.4hometheater.net/images/DSC03680.jpg (lotr hilt and pommel) combined with http://www.albion-swords.com/images/swords/al...n/landgraf (landgraff blade, Type XVII).
Ofcourse the hilt and pommel would be of decent quality)
Would you believe this is actually something I often contemplate?

Knowing me, I wouldn't be able to stick to one kind of sword - I'd have several and switch between them depending one which type I happen to be obsessed with this month.

I'd probably avoid anything heavy, though, seeing as we're talking about fashion statements and I wouldn't want to lug around a greatsword on a daily basis. I'm thinking you would most commonly see my carry a saber or cutlass, a lighter backsword or a John Lundemo-style "warder" bastard saber.

Since we're playing make-believe anyway, they'd be custom made contemporary swords of my own design, made to fit my specific taste and preferences.
I would use a baldric, so that I could take it off easily. It would be hard to drive a car while wearing a sword. (much easier to wear one while riding a horse) also difficult to wear one while sitting at a desk - hang baldric and sword on a coat-rack.

I don't like smallswords, but I want to go with something light, so I'd wear a cuttoe or hanger with a 22 - 28 inch blade.
What, No pics?!

I would wear a straight double edged Epee Du Soldat (with dagger)

Or a light 28 inch bladed sabre with an inch and a half wide blade.
A plain but good quality Longsword :cool:
I would stick with my messer for weekdays, my rondel dagger for easy weekends and my bidenhander for... well, you know... riot control and all.
I think a Battersea style langseax would fit the bill. I like them hung horizontal, in front. For special occasions the A&A katzbalger would rock.
Well, not that I know much about them but I think for visual appeal and practicality I'd tend to go with a basket hilted broadsword. Even with a blackened or dark finished hilt they're still eye-catching swords and they're way more practical than carrying a Viking sword and a shield.

If swords were carried today I must admit I see lines of sword bearing men at their local smiths trying to get their sword or scabbard repaired after getting it stuck in a revolving door.
I think about this all the time. Like a lot of us here, I'm sure I was born in the wrong time.

For round town, I'd probably get a set of Yanmaodao, like these ones here, but not these ones here (Chinese National Treasures...). I might add one in "tactical dress" too, maybe, for going bush.

You'd make a packet if you invented some kind of "scabbard cover", so that it would match your suit. And have baldrics that match your shoes.

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Bennison N wrote:
You'd make a packet if you invented some kind of "scabbard cover", so that it would match your suit. And have baldrics that match your shoes.

I make my baldrics to match my shoes anyway...

If you had asked me this question 2 years ago, I would have said "Custom Wakazashi."
If you had asked me this question 1 year ago, I would have said "Oakshotte type XV."
Now... It's a toss up. Messer, or kukri.
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