Valiant Armoury's Upcoming Malatesta
Valiant Armoury seems to be producing some rather aesthetically pleasing swords as of late under their signature line. One sword in particular has caught my eye; The Malatesta.

The sword, and the rest of Valiant Armoury's line, can be found here:

I'm having some trouble dating the sword however, and if anyone knows the range of dates it may be appropriate for I would be most appreciative. I'm assuming it's something circa 1400 by it's design, but I cannot be sure. Crossing my fingers that it is appropriate for my kit.
You're right. It's very attractive. I like the design quite a bit. Having said that, it's understandable that you're having trouble dating it. This is because the pieces didn't really exist all on the same sword in history. The design, while very attractive and likely dynamically sound, is not strictly a historical one.
It is called a type XIIa over at Christian Fletcher's site. Their timeline is approximately 1250 to 1400. It has
very unusual hilt furniture for that type, especially the scent-stopper pommel.
I have some doubts about that sword's historical accuracy. It is supposed to be a type XIIa Great Sword, but then it has a scent-stopper pommel and a style 6 guard, that look better for later types.

It is a pity, because the Malatesta is an amazing looking sword, and in the upcoming VA's Regal Line the tang is supposed to be peened, but as long as I am concerned it is marred by this.

I hope that someone more knowledgeable than me about swords proves me wrong, and vouches for its historical validity.

Edit: Oops! Mr. Robinson and Mr. Hooper have been faster than me expressing their doubts.
If you like the sword well enough you could always say that it is an old family blade (1250-1400) mounted in newer (1400-1450) hilt. ;)
Alas, I figured so much. That's a real pity. It's going to be tough to keep myself from picking one up though, and I may just buy one anyway.
... I'd like to see the Hedemark come to being, first ...

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