It is my great honour and even greater pleasure to formally announce the launching of the Western Martial Arts Coalition!

The Western Martial Arts Coalition (WMAC) is a pan-American network of like-minded individuals dedicated to the advancement of the Western Martial Arts (also known as Historical European Martial Arts) through education, expansion, and exploration.

The WMA-Coalition is a “round-table” organization and as such has no hierarchical structure; each member’s voice is considered on par with every other member.

Educated readers will notice a striking similarity between the WMA-Coalition’s structure and that of the HEMAC (Historical European Martial Arts Coalition). This is not accidental. Witnessing the success of the HEMAC and its pivotal role in the explosive expansion of European Martial Arts all across Europe, the founders of the WMAC are dedicated to carrying out a similar explosion here in North America.

The members of the Coalition hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and have a wide variety of personal goals relating to these arts. They have come together freely and openly committed to working together in spite of their differences. To learn more about these goals please review the Western Martial Arts Coalition Constitution located at

The WMA-Coalition has plans for several unique online and offline programs which will be instigated via the Coalition’s website and discussion forums. Some programs will be launched in accordance with this announcement and other programs are scheduled to roll out over the next several months. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

The Western Martial Arts Coalition will begin to host a variety of hands on events consisting of workshops, lectures, and presentations dedicated to these arts. In the coming weeks and months it will be our pleasure to announce the specifics surrounding our first annual Western Martial Arts Coalition Gathering. Please refer to the website for updates.

If you are interested in membership with the Western Martial Arts Coalition or know of someone who may be interested please contact the Coalition via the website or discussion forums. Additionally, all are encouraged to forward this notice to any and all points of related interest.

Lastly, please join me in wishing the WMAC a wonderful and successful journey!


Scott A. Brown
Member, WMAC