How do you use your edged weapons in your collection?
For display
 10%  [ 4 ]
For training
 13%  [ 5 ]
For practical uses (camping, crafts, everyday)
 2%  [ 1 ]
For preservation (originals)
 0%  [ 0 ]
For educating others about the past
 5%  [ 2 ]
To connect with my ancestors
 2%  [ 1 ]
Most of the above
 52%  [ 20 ]
All of the above
 10%  [ 4 ]
None of the above
 2%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 38

Pick your price: HSS knives
This auction is a bit more complicated, as I am offering ALL the High Speed Steel knives on my available page

I know that the economy has been hard on a lot of us, so I'm giving everyone a chance to get a knife. Any bid over $1.00 is fine, if you can't afford $1.00 then enter a bid of $0.00 (you will still have to pay shipping) and if no one else bids then the knife will go to you (first come first served). This should be fun for every one. Be SURE to say in the PM title which knife the bid is for.

[ Linked Image ][ Linked Image ]

1) click on the image to go to the available page and take a look at the specs. of the pieces.

2) PM me a bid of what you would be willing to pay for the piece.(shipping $5 USD, international extra)
There is no reserve on these pieces, don't worry about bidding low.
Be sure to say what piece(s) you are bidding on and the bid $ in the PM subject
5% of the price goes to myArmoury.

The bidding will end Friday 10-16-2009 at Noon (PST) after which I will contact the winner(s)
and announce the final price and the winner(s) (unless they want to remain anonymous).

Let me know if you have any questions about the piece or how the auction works.

Have fun,

For those of you that place a bid it would really help if you could include the name of the piece and the bid in the subject line of the PM. Example:

Double edged sailor utility, $**

That will speed up the tallying at the end of the bidding.



Thanks for the good response.

There are still a couple of pieces that don't have bids on them. Remember, even if you only want to pay shipping the knife could be yours.

One week to go.

Have fun.
The bidding will end tomorrow at noon.

Good luck
The bidding is now closed.

I will tally up the results and contact the winners, and post the prices.
The winners are:

Bjorn Hogstrom: Small Utility, $36
" Sailor Utility, $31
" Small Kiridashi, $20
Peter Remling: Square Utility, $6.21
" Trowing Knife $7.87
Sam Shifley: Scandinavian Utility, $30
J.E. Sweeney: Utility Seax, $35
T.M. Ryan: Large Kiridashi, $10

Congratulations to the winners.



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