This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

This is an 7075 aluminum longsword with a leather wrapped, wood core, grip and carbon spring steel hilt furniture. It has been used, responsibly, and is still fully functional.

There is some wear on the blade and grip, though neither have been compromised, and the hilt furniture has darkened; as carbon steel does over time.

The tip and edges are completely rounded and the cross-section is flat, as this sword is intended for practice purposes only.

It is 47 3/4 inches, or 121cm, overall in length.
The blade is 36 3/4 inches, or 94cm, long and 2 inches, or 5.1 cm, wide at the cross-guard.
The quillons are 8 3/4 inches, or 22.2cm, wide, with beveled square cross-section.
The hilt is 11 inches, or 28cm, from cross-guard to pommel.
The sword weighs 3lbs, 4.5 oz.

I am asking for $200.00 for this item, and shipping is additional $20.

If you are local to the Boston, MA, area then we can arrange for a local pick-up to avoid shipping costs.

You may PM me, or e-mail me at, if you are interested in my offer or have any questions.