16th cent. swords.
im looking to put together a early16th-late15th cent. kit, (yes, if youve been following my posts, you will think that im kit ADHD, but these are all conceptual. i want to find out what is best, because my armour buying season is rolling up...... but anyway, ive been looking at the hanwie practical side sword, ive read the official review here, but i want some 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th, opinions. if anyone owns, uses, has any experience w/ this sword, please post info. also, if their is any other BLUNT 16th-late15th cent. one-handers (and shields) to be had at under 250 (100 for the shield) (american money) post info ho to aquire too. also, if we have any cool knowlege of or have early 16th-late 15th cent, post that too. all help is appreciated! thanks!
I bought the Hanwei Practical Sidesword and wish that I hadn't. It is clumsy, badly balanced with a strange pseudo colichimarde blade. It is cheap, but still a waste of your money.

I suggest that you spend a little more money and get something from www.darkwoodarmory.com - If you don't want to spend that much more, you can get one of their economy rapiers.

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