Thongs anyone? I have a sword belt question.
Ok everyone. Now that I have your attention and you looked at this thread I need some help. I am trying to nail down some details for a scabbard and belt the our own Brian K. of DBK will eventually be making for my Albion Vigil.

My question is what would be appropriate for a sword belt from the 2nd quarter of the 13th century, thongs or buckle?

Thoughts and ideas are welcome as always. I have looked through my Osprey books, not the most historically accurate I know, which seem to indicate thongs.


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Anyone? Or do I go with the fact that thongs are the period correct answer based on my Osprey books?

Scott Kowalski wrote:
Anyone? Or do I go with the fact that thongs are the period correct answer based on my Osprey books?


Sometimes answers take more than 24 hours to get, even on the internet. :) For me to answer your question in the depth I'd prefer, I'd have to find time to go dig through some books and then type up a thoughtful reply. It can take time.

I will say that by 1275, we definitely have buckles. I spent 10 minutes or so poking through online images from the Maciejoswki Bible. It's not always easy to tell, but thongs appear to be used in some cases because some belts look tied in big sloppy knots. I can't tell for sure from the online pics, but there may be buckles used in other images too. The Mac Bible was drawn sometime around 1250.
Buckles and thongs where used interchangably. The knots are quick release, and lets you adjust the belt freely. Buckles look better.

On the illustration, the sword belts are usually worn quite loose. This can be achieved by passing the waistbelt between the risers on the sword belt, so that the sword is hanging from the waist belt even when the sword belt is not tied. This makes everyday wear of the sword more convenient, as you can for instance sit down without taking of the sword belt.
I know what you mean Chad. I guess I really have fallen victim to the immediate gratification syndrome we have fallen into.

I totally spaced on looking through the Maciejoswki Bible online. :blush: I will look through it more closely myself and see what I can find.

Thank you for the information on wearing the sword belt. That is some really good stuff that you do not get just anywhere.

Just another reason why I like being a member of this great forum.


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