cold steel shamshir or cold steel 1796 calvary saber
so i've saved up a little extra cash and i've decided to buy a new weapon for my small collection. After much searching, i've come down to two choices.

the cold steel shamshir -

and the

1796 calvary saber -

i can't decide which one to get because they both look good, i've read good things about both of them, and they are kind of similar. So i was wondering if someone here could give me their opinion, or if they own one of the swords, how they like it in order to help me make the decision.

thanks for the help
I'd go with the 1796 as it is a ferocious cutter. I think the shamshir's grip is made of "faux buffalo horn". I don't know what that means which leaves me skeptical.

If you are interested in the shamshir there is an nice review on . Seems as if the blade was made by Windlass.... here's the link:
I have both, like both a lot, but ... of the two it's the Shamshir I absolutely LOVE. I mean (gasp! blasphemy?) I own or have owned quite a variety of production swords, including Atrims and Albions, but the CS Shamshir is arguably my favorite sword of all.

I say "arguably" because I've had an overwhelming lifelong aesthetic preference for straight Euro style swords. But there's just something about this thing. The faux horn grip is nevertheless surpringly secure, and it just plain cuts everything I put in front of it, effectively, efficiently, and with virtually no discomfort or hand shock no matter where on the blade I strike with, or how heavily or lightly.

I really don't know what else to say. I bought it about a year ago for variety thinking I'd like it, but it just keeps winning me over more.
I had a shamshir and agree that it is a solid piece. the handle is plastic and was well made and securely peened to the tang and I think it is a great value.

my only complaint was if you actually use the thing I found the grip to be far to slippery. I would always wear a leather glove when using it and that cleared up the problem fine.
True. While the grip is secure even w/o a glove, I use an unlined deerskin glove and the improvement in feel at least is very welcome.
Because I love the Sharp's series, both written and video I'm going to go with the 1796. I love it when Sweet William
marches his group up and runs into Sharp with his 1796 arcing over his right shoulder. Villified by Napoleon for the
wounds they caused, they have that historic footnote as well.
Re: cold steel shamshir or cold steel 1796 calvary saber
Ohm D. wrote:
i can't decide which one to get because they both look good, i've read good things about both of them, and they are kind of similar.

Really? Personally, aside from both being single edged and curved, I think they seem very different.

From what I've read of them, the M1796 is a brutal, robust piece of work, not very agile but a terrifying cutter, whereas the shamshir is a very light and fast slasher.

I think it basically comes down to which type of sword you prefer. I'm the finesse type, myself, others like a bit of blade presence.
I'd call your assessment dead on target, Anders.

Funny thing, I usually prefer the robust cutter, and so it would be a lie to say I don't like my 1796. But that's the funny thing, sometimes you try something you don't normally prefer, like I did with the Shamshir, only to discover that (even if only in that particular case) you love it!

(Don't get me started on how much a despised black licorice as a kid ... yet somehow love the flavor now.)

Ah, c'est la vie.

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