scots-irish 16th century broadsword
i would like to know for how long the simple cross guard broadsword was in use among highland scots- irish of the 16th century, i 'm speaking about the distinctive form of irish ring pommel broadsword and the scottish version with angled quillon and wheel pommel(not claymore), i believe that both was common well into the last years of the 16th century or at least i'm quite sure speking about the irish form, i have found a pic on the album section of a simple one hand scottish broasword dating from the 1550s. could you provide me with some photos of dated sword from that period ?

I have seen illustrations of the Irish ring-pommeled single handed sword in use until the early Elizabethan era, but by the late 1500's, the basket-hilted broadsword (often refered to as an "Irish Hilt") is coming into vouge. Since the Highland Scots were still favoring the large Claideamh-da-Laihm throughout the 1500's, it makes sense that the traditionalists would still use the single-handed version too. The Scots also were adopting the basket hilted "Irish" style broadsword, later known as the Claideamh mor, around the turn of the 17th century, and modifying their fighting style to include sword and targe massed charges. Lowland Scots and the upper classes would have, of course, adopt the weaponry in use on the continent, and heavy rapiers, cut and thrust swords, large two handers, and other stye basket hilts would have been favored at this time (it's always a fashion thing with the weathy, you know). Just my impressions. :)

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