great helm ?
Does anyone have links for great helm plans or measurements? I'm not really looking for anything specific, I just need a general idea on the dimensions to get started. Also, I'm mainly interested in English helms first and then maybe French. I have found photos for the Pembridge helm and illustrations for another in the Westminster Psalter both of which I'm assuming are English(?). There's also one on a knight in the Thirteenth manuscript, "Christ leading the Crusaders" but I don't know the identity of the group. The helm is very similar to a helm in a German museum, but I suppose it could be a lost or captured helm from another nation. Any help appreciated.
Here are two from the Armour Archive:
Re: great helm ?
Bob K. wrote:
I just need a general idea on the dimensions to get started.

Depending on what you want to do with the helm will change the dimensions. (because of what would be worn under it)

What I would to do get the measurements. Put on any head gear you normally wear with the helm, measure just above the eyes around the back of the head to the bump there and back to the beginning. This should be the minimum measurement for the combined plate size for the panels just above the helmet.

Then cut out something like a paper/card pattern and see if it fits. The other spot to be careful of is the neck opening.

This site also has many images of great helms and one which has been "reduced to components" and with a possible pattern.
I had not even thought about what to wear under the helm, so that is definately a consideration. Thanks for the links and advice. What is your opinion on brass accents such as the brass occular seen on some reproduction helms? In some of the dark- age illustrations the helms have their occulars painted a yellowish color and I thought that was a good indication of brass being used, but I really haven't studied the subject a lot.
Have you seen this?

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