I want to see a complete copy of the Almain Armourer's Album - the one containing all the designs of Jacob Halder for the Greenwich workshop. George Clifford's harness is in there as well as almost 30 other ones, some of which survive to this day (Cumberland, Worcester, Leicester, Sir James Scudamore, and Lord Buckhurst [Thomas Sackville, co-author of Gorboduc]) Those are, I think, the only surviving Greenwich garnitures from the Almain or "Jacob" album - correct me if I'm wrong.

You know the one:

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I want to be able to see all of the designs in that album; I've seen various ones scattered around the internet, including some archived in Google Books, but never all together in one place. Is this available somewhere? Ideally I could see it online for free but I would be happy to pay for a printed edition of it, if such a thing exists. Thanks in advance for help.