This is a personal project that I have been working on for so long it's embarassing, chipping away at it here and there. It is based on a heavily modified Del Tin blade with the rest of the parts made by me.

The pictures are of poor quality but hopefully show it well enough to make out the main features and give some idea of proportions. The sword is of hand and a half size and is substantial, being a hair under 4 lbs. I have seen only one example of an original of this type, with the figure-8 shaped guard similar to those seen on katzbalgers, although the type has been reproduced here and there.

I plan on creating a writhen effect on the pommel per the one original I mentioned above ( ), but I am currently stuck on what to do with the blade.

The fuller configuration (my work, done in a moment of creative but perhaps misguided inspiration) really dosen't fit any blades of this size and general style that I can recall seeing and dosen't look right to me. It might be plausible if the two fullers to either side of the central one were shorter, or if all three ended about 1/3 of the way down the blade, but neither of these options are possible at this point. I am wondering if it would be improved by cutting all three fullers to the same length, where the central one currently ends. This seems more plausible to me than what I have now but I'm still not sure.

I am also not sure if the short ricasso (hopefully you can make this out in the pictures) fits the piece or not, I think it might be preferable to move the tang shoulders forward to eliminate it and add this extra length to the grip.

Any suggestions?

For reference, the measurements are:
oal 46-1/4"
blade 37-1/4"x 2" wide

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