Recommendations for a First Purchase
Hello, everyone. Iím a newcomer.

Iím a burgeoning spathophile and Iím wondering if anyone has got any good recommendations for a first purchase. Iíd say, from what Iíve seen thus far, Oakeshott Types XVIIIa-c and XXa appeal to me the most. Iíve taken a general look at most of the content displayed on this site as well as the article on assessment of replicas, and a few have caught my eye, in particular the Albion Viceroy, Regent, Count and Steward (I've read the reviews on these, too). However, if anyone has any particular recommendations or other advice, Iím at all ears.

At the moment, Iím somewhat short for funds (not surprising, considering the economy these days), so Iím not planning on purchasing anything soon; rather, my plan is just to get a sense of whatís out there now.
Whatever you purchase, the used market is phenominal right now. I have seen a good number of quality swords sold at more than reasonable prices by members here. Be sure to keep your eyes on the Marketplace, chances are that something to your liking will pop up that will fit your funding situation. :D
Well, you have named 4 excellent swords, although very different ones. I own a Regent and it is a fabulous sword for later-period longsword fighting styles. It is also an interesting and beautiful sword to look at and has a feel in the hand that is hard to capture in words. The first time I picked it up I was struck by the very solid and powerful feel of it. More than any other sword I own, when I pick up the Regent I am aware that I am holding a weapon designed with lethal intent.
I have not handled any of the others you mentioned so I can't make any useful comparisons. You have a very tough decision ahead of you!
Right. Thanks for the advice; the used market does sound like a good place to begin.

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