Ottoman turk plate armour
Good evening to everybody!

I am new to the forum, so this is my first message here. I am planning to craft a turkish chainmail-plate armour. I got some information, and I need some help with the parts of the armour. Firstly I am very sorry, if this topic is under discussion somewhere here, but this forum is very huge. If somebody could help me with a link of a topic, where I can find information, I would be very happy.
If this is a new topic, then I would gladly receive some nice pics and articles about these type of armour.
I know about the disc armours and others, my problem is the protection of the shoulder. What kind of spaulders or pauldrons did they used (if do they used?) ?
And what should I use at my arms? Bazubands sounds good, but is this the only armour they used for arm-protection?

Thanks for your answers, hopefully I haven't written something very silly :)
Have alook here :;start=0
and here :
here :

Do a search under " mail and plates " and theres more related threads that will come up.

Thanks for the answer, hopefully I will find soon what I looking for.

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