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Del Tin Swedish Two Hander:

I am offering up this Del Tin in order to make room for some higher-dollar items I am adding to my collection.

Full specs here:

First off, this is the best Del Tin I have ever handled. It is graced with a low PoB (2") so this beast does not seem like a beast at all. It's the fastest two hander I have ever owned and it's intimidating as hell. One feel, and everyone I have ever met has wanted this sword - even if they had swords ten times it's price in their collection. This sword is a beauty.

The only reason I am getting rid of this Del Tin is that I have a Landgraf enroute to my house, and I really can't afford to keep both. This sword is in perfect condition with no issues at all. It's solid as a rock, rings like a church bell, and is waiting on you to give it a good home. It is not sharpened, but could be edged for a monster of a practical two-hander.

You get the Del Tin and the wood-core, leather covered scabbard I did up for it (my baldric is NOT included), shipped to your door for $375.00. Paypal preferred, no fee charged.