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I have been scooping up a significant number of pieces in the last couple months, and really don't have room for alot of the entry and mid-level stuff in my collection. I am offering these pieces on the forums for those interested in expanding their own collections with some nice swords.

Windlass Type XIV Arming Sword

I purchased this about a month ago and did some minor customization:

I added finial details the the ends of the cross, applied cold blue antique patina (which will steel wool off if you do not like it), upgraded leather/cord grip with two end risers and a central riser added, and lastly added two brass Arabic coins into the pommel (which again, will come out if you do not want them in there). I also finished the blade to a nice satin finish, doing away with the Windlass chrome finish.

The sword is sharpened to a nice paper-cutting edge. The bevel, though noticable, has been blended so that it does not look so machined as from the factory. The sword is a wickedly agile cutter and very fun to weild.

This sword has been used to cut one milk jug and three water bottles. It is nice and solid with a good ring tone. It does not have any problems or issues and is in effect better than it was when I first got it. It has the look and feel of a much higher dollar sword, not to mention it will always be the only one of it's kind. The coins in the pommel could be shined up a little more, but I left them the way they were to enhance the antique effect.

I named this sword Sha'deed. My theme for this sword was that of a mercenary that had traveled to the Middle East and brought back the coins after the journey - mimicing my own life to some extent.

Full specs are here:

I paid the KoA list price for this sword, plus sharpening, shipping, and then the customizations. I am asking $185.00 shipped CONUS - which I see as being more than fair - to cover the cost of the sword, the cost of the upgrades, the Paypal fees, and the shipping cost. I prefer Paypal for a quick transaction, as as stated, I will cover the fees.

PM if interested.