A Fine German Sword: 15c blade / 16c hilt
Check out this sword. It looks to have a hilt similar to the Arms & Armor "German Bastard Sword". The cross, in particular, is quite similar. It is also fitted with a tapering blade of diamond cross-section like A&A's version.

A fine German late medieval blade for a hand-and-a-half sword, now mounted with a hilt in German mid-16th century style

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The Blade first half of the 15th century

The blade double-edged and of flattened-diamond section, tapering from a broad base to a long narrow point, and with running wolf mark and a small rosette each inlaid in latten on both sides below the hilt, the latter formed with horizontally recurved writhen quillons with compressed button terminals, an oval ring between, large boldly gadrooned pommel, and leather-covered grip (light pitting throughout)

34 1/2 inch (87.5 cm) blade

The blade type corresponds to Oakeshott Type XVIIIc. For a sword with comparable blade dated 840 AH (1436-7 AD), see Clive Thomas, "Father of Victory, Pious donations of European swords to the Arsenal of Alexandria during the reign of the Sultan al-Mu'ayyad Shaykh", London Park Lane Arms Fair, Spring 2008, pp 34-5, fig 31.
A nice piece. I always get to thinking about other similar types and for the life of me don't know whatever happened to Claudio and his great page about swords. I still have some of his pictures scattered around but he had quite a few more at one point.



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