No back yard bow shooting practice?
Hi guys

I does Recurved bow, and recently i just found out that shooting in the back yard is illegal in NYC. Is it true? Thanks guys :)
Seeking legal advice on online forums such as is ill-advised, at best. Please ask your local authorities to get a definitive answer. Laws differ greatly from county to county, city to city, and are often quite complex. Any legal advice gathered on a site like this is to be taken with a grain of salt and can be assumed to be inaccurate as often as it is accurate.
I live in NYC too and have heard the same from good sources. It falls under reckless/endangerment which is a catch all and if they deem anything you do as dangerous they will stick you with it. I don't advise you shoot arrows in your backyard and risk having your bow confiscated.

There is a free archery range in Staten Island you can go to at Willow Brook Park. It is about 100 yards long and is open every day till 7pm. You don't have to register or anything. It is just open, you go and shoot. Bring your own targets. I sometimes go there in the summer. If you can get there on Sundays during the summer, the SCA will provide you with targets to shoot at, training advise, plus refreshments. You can also just pick a private lane and do your own thing with your own targets. There is also another free range at Floyd Bennett Field off the Belt Pkway, exit 11s.

FYI, shooting croossbows is illegal in NY, you have to go to NJ to do that. No BB guns either. NYC parks dept officers come around regularly to the free ranges I mentioned.

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Sirs,My friend on the Police force here in Ohio says it against State law to shoot any weapon off a licensed range, good for up to a year in jail.

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