Spada da Zogho vs. Fechterspiel
My fencing teacher wants me to get the Fechterspiel, but I looked at the Spada da Zogho (Both from Arms & Armor) and it caught my eye.
Can anyone tell me something about those two swords that the reviews couldn't say?
The spada de zhogo is a bit shorter and much stiffer than the feder. I find the feder too whippy to make stable incrosada; it wobbles all over the place. I will only use them for free fencing where we prefer to avoid serious hits. For the German helicopter stuff, the feder is ideally suited. Depends what you will be using it for. :p
Swords for everyone
Hi Joe

You have illustrated one of the great challenges to the modern make of training swords. The simple fact is one sword is not suited for all styles and especially users. Some groups prefer stiffer blades and some more flex. Some like them heavy some light, it can be amazing the variety of needs the Western Martial Arts community has. While the details of any specific example would get tiresome to read through you are always welcome to give me a call and discuss your specific needs on a piece.

These swords are designed to meet the needs of as many as possible but i know there are times people will need something different and we do what we can to meet these needs in an affordable way.

Keep Fighting :) its fun


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