Stiletto's, who makes them good?
I was looking at the Darksword Armory Stiletto here.

I also found, by random google search, these, but I don't know who they're by.

I was wondering if anyone knows if the Darksword ones are any good, and if by chance anyone knows who made the ones sold in the second link?

I've seen several Windlass Steelcrafts examples and they're good. I'd choose them over the ones linked above.

Arms & Armor makes one, too, and it's excellent. I don't see it on their site currently, though.
Yeah, A&A was stuck in my head but I couldn't find it either. I'll check out Windlass.

Kris Cutlery makes a great stiletto. Its heavier than a lot of others and seems more the kind of thing one would use for sticking though gaps in plate armor, than wearing at court.
Hello all together,

the stylets from ... hm! All right, 25 Dollars.
Broadly, modern replicas of stylets often seem to me a little bit "soulless".

Help to find out distinctive notes for a good replica :

Best stylets were made by craftsmen vom Brescia - 17th Century ;) The photo shows one. You can see rests of gilding. Stylets like that one were made in high numbers of pieces. A stylet with similiar design, but in very high quality was made by Carlo Botarelli, surely made for a wealthy client. Isn't it perfect? Third example (blue backgrond) is a famous quality from Bresica also.

Online you find a catalog of armeria reale, Turin. Here a many examples of stylets.

And of course, Hermann Historica, Munich, Auction 54, Lot 4633

May be an alternative:
Sometimes are so-called stylets from Historismus 19th century offered (Hermann Historica, Auction 54, Lot 4635) They are not expensive, most of theme are similar to the popular ones from Brescia.

kind regards

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with rest of gilding

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made by Carlo Botarelli

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[ Download ]
If your looking for a modern version of the stiletto, I'd look at the Cold Steel Spike Tanto. I have one, and love it! Lite, easy to hid, very tough and basic.

The knife can be found on Pg. 4 near the bottom. Their website sorta sucks.

FYI, I also noticed that they still have their version of the Pole Axe on close out for $29.99 plus shipping and handling. That includes an Ash wood shaft.
The only good replicas I've seen are both out of production. The aforementioned A&A is an excellent example, based on an original, and probably the best. Alas, I believe their mold broke down some time ago and it is no longer made. And, no, you can't have mine...

Back before Windlass took over MRL used to make a very detailed one. It is not as crisp as the A&A, but it is still very good and is also based on an original. Can't have mine, either...

They also made a long and small stylet set, but very plain and kind of ugly looking (esp. the larger one)

Del Tin has or had one. It is very plain but still elegant. It is similar to the recent Windlass version but smaller.

The only other one I'm aware of is quite obscure. It was produced by A&A back c. 1987 and was in MRL catalogues 3 and 4 I believe. It was a simple piece, but quite nice. I actually tried to order one, but they had gone out of stock and I ended up with a refund, instead. I can only assume that the mold failed prematurely; perhaps Craig could shed some more light on this?

At this point, you either need to bribe someone to get an OOP of one of the above examples, or hand chisel your own...

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