OK so last night I found myself bored, skimming through the forums here again, when i once again happened across one of the threads about members making their own wood core scabbards for their swords.

Being bored, i fell into the Homer Simpson mind set of "It doesn't look easy... BUT I BET IT IS!" So, i dove right in.

I decided to make (or at least try to make) a scabbard for the Jody Samson i won from last year's donation drive :D

Two trips to my local Lowes, and probably about the same cost of having someone make the scabbard for me, i had all the tools (and then some) i would need and two 1/2x4x4 pieces of poplar.

Taking many hints from Aaron Schnatterly's very helpful thread:
Scabbard project for the Albion Next Gen Knight

I drew out the outline of the blade, and then set to work carving out the core after numerous off the top of my head calculations, most of which were wrong, then fudged to get back into an area of acceptance.

This morning (after another run to Lowes, and cleaning off the garage work bench :eek: ) i got the thing carved out, and it fits nice, if not a little snug, but a little more sanding will probably take care of that :D

Here is pictures of it coming along so far.

 Attachment: 120.71 KB
Carved out halves [ Download ]

 Attachment: 102.17 KB
sword in left side [ Download ]

 Attachment: 111.59 KB
Sword in right side [ Download ]

 Attachment: 99.08 KB
Point Left [ Download ]

 Attachment: 131.44 KB
Point Right [ Download ]

 Attachment: 122.55 KB
Two halves together, and the sword it is for. [ Download ]

 Attachment: 106.48 KB
Throat. I had actually never really noticed that it isn't symmetric until tracing this. [ Download ]

 Attachment: 76.28 KB
the fit [ Download ]