Hi all,

I'm looking for a source of buckles and hardware to build longsword belts. The basic buckles and strap ends are easy, the thing I'm struggling to find are the hooked strap ends and the figure-8 buckles that have the ring on the bottom for the hook to go into, as seen on Albion's Regent and Bresica Spadona scabbards.

I've looked on all the websites of people who make period buckles and castings and have never seen fittings like these. I could make 'em myself or get them custom made but I'm wondering if there's a stock source for them anyone knows of?


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Regent scabbard suspension picture from Albion's website showing hooked strap-end for two straps, and the corresponding sliding figure-8 buckle on the belt.

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Bresica Spadona scabbard from Albion's website showing the same sort of belt fittings as the Regent scabbard.