Does anyone know if the 6 flails listed as being in the Metropolitan Museum as shown in the following book on page 228 are still on display at the Met?

"A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries... by George Cameron Stone"

I scanned the page with the pic of the flails from Stone's book and posted it here:

Just scroll down about 3/4's of the page and its the 1st attachment at the bottom of my post.

I am interested in obtaining some good quality colour photos of the flails plus further information on them (dimensions, weights, provenances etc).

So if anyone has any other pics or information please post.

Have they been published in any other books? If so please give me the details.

Does anyone know of any other similar flails in other museums / collections? If so please post some pictures and / or information.