Polish Sabres.
I'm looking for a reliable, sturdy replica of a Polish sabre with a finger ring, somewhere in the $300 and below range, anyone know of such a sword or manufacturer? I found one on my own, and I love the sword, but I really know nothing about the maker. Here is a link to their site and the sword: http://www.aceros-de-hispania.com/battle-read...ler-jk2202 The shape of the guard and blade are really appealing. Any links or info on this maker would be really helpful!


That sabre is made by a czech swordsmith, Jiri Krondak,

This is his website http://fabri-armorum.com/english/

and the sword at his old site http://www.fabri-armorum.cz/sabres.htm.

All his swords I owned and know were blunts, the balance isn't perfect but they are very durable, as you can see here


Jeroen Averhals
Hello! Just for comparison some sabres from Polish maker that START in the 350$ (plus shipping, but my knowledge of prices are from pre-crisis times) -> http://www.bronbiala.pl/marcin.php?rodzaj=24 . Contact with any of Polish smiths can be tricky though, and prices can vary a lot, so thats for a reference rather than advertisement for a producer Without the ability to "lay hands" on the merchandise, I would not risk my money, especially when ordering overseas (unless buying from respectable producer like for example Albion)

I personally find that Spanish/Czech piece bit "fantastic" to be considered any kind of Polish Sabre, and fuller is not exactly cleanly executed. Of course that's just my personal opinion.

There are some cheaper ones floating around in auctions (500 pln/ 140 $) that has more or less "right" look and are said to be usable in training (battle worthy), though as I said, that's a roulette at best. Never tried to use them.

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