February Highlight item from A&A Inc.
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February Highlight Item Fechterspiel Sword

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Our #203 Fechterspiel Sword and #204 Fechterspiel Sword - Training Grade are the A&A highlight items for February. These exceptional training longswords are very popular through out the WMA community. If you have been waiting to get a steel trainer this is the time. The improvement to technique and understanding of the Medieval combat systems is enhanced when one uses the same type of training weapon as they did in the past. Check out the details on our News Page

For those who made a New Years resolution to train more this year why not get started with a new sword!

Have a great February from the gang at Arms & Armor
Muster Page Update 2/11/09
Mornin Everyone.

Just wanted to let you all know we updated the Muster Page a bit, added this nice sword.

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Fellow ordered it and decided after we were into the process a bit to upgrade his ideas and go with a different item so this became available. Throwing in free domestic shipping as a little slap in the face to "current economic conditions". :)

Keep well
Too bad I can't afford it right now... this sword is already gorgeous, and the addition of a thumb ring is definitely a big "plus".
I just have to keep telling myself that I already have stuff on order with you so that I don't buy even more (although it is a fantastic piece and the thumb-ring makes it very tempting).

Besides, if I need to buy anything, it's a Milanese Dagger to go with the Milanese rapier...

The Saxon Military Sword with the added thumb-ring is quite nice.
This Saxon sword has a ring for the index finger and a ring for the thumb. That is very :cool:
I agree
Hi Guys

Yes I agree it looks good and I can confirm it feels good as well. The thumb ring, when fitted correctly, really adds something to a hilt I think.

As to buying stuff we know how current times are pressing people so I understand when one can not justify the expense. We really appreciate the great support we have gotten from all our customers and those who have purchased recently deserve a special thanks. We will keep making it hard to resist :eek:

Keep well

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