I think it would be interesting to post various armour and weapon testing info, even from bad utube videos to more professional testing. Would be interesting to see the responses and evaluations of the testing - such as were proper period material used, and what conclusions if any can be drawn.
The test I see on you tube do not say anything about the quality of a blade.
I think it's easy for a tempered blade to cut a steel plate.
The test should be done by setting clear rules.
The force on the edge of a blade and directly proportional to the thickness of the edge itself. With a steel upper bound the edge may reach 0.005 mm. relative strength at a thickness so small and the order of several tons.
Need to establish rules that take into account of this.
The rules must also bear in mind the clash of blades hardened.
If we examine a blade, the impact should be with another blade.
The blade must compete for weight categories.
Many other rules have to be able to compare two blades.
An example: take two lame.Una blade 0.1 with edge and another edge with 0.5.
The blade with edge 0.1 is faster decay of the other.
This does not mean that the 0.1 is lower quality, could be even better. The fact is that we strive to equal.
Both say it would be still on the test. Unfortunately my English is this.
Speaking of technical terms is even more difficult, because the word translated evil diminishes the sense that you want to give.

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