I've just registered after sometime of reading the great articles on your website.
You have a very cool site :cool:
I'm a collector of helmets primarily and also own a couple of hanwei swords and some wall hanger daggers :p

At the moment I have a problem with this seller:
has someone done bussines with them?
someone knows the guys who run it?
someone has/had any problems with them?

Placed an order and I was even cashed for it and haven't had any news from them :eek:
Tried to contact them trough the email accounts listed on their website and they bounce back tagged as unknown :eek:
even tried the fax number listed there and doesn't work...
I just started a refund claim with paypal :(

Seems they are out of bussines or who knows what, but their website is still active and worst of all taking orders and cashing them :eek:

Sorry that my first post here is a complain about a seller, just need a little help :(
Hope this is the right section to post this.

thanks a lot & see u around :D :cool: