I've found the myArmoury book lists to be a great resource for future book purchases. I can usually separate the books worth buying from the books to pass on. Occasionally I'll find a book that is not on anybody's reading list and I'll purchase it.

The most recent one I found is Waffen und Graber - Typologische und chronologische Studien zu skandinavischen Waffengrabern 520/30 bis 900 n. Chr. by Anne Norgard Jorgensen. The book focuses on Scandinavian weapons from 520 to 900 a.d. The book isn't filled with many quality photos, most of the plates are drawings of swords, axes, scramasax blades, and spearheads. In fact, there are 141 full page plates in the back of the book. But it does show many different examples of swords, sword hilts, axes, and knife blades and offers a chronological dating chart for each. Many quality authors (Petersen, Arbman, Mitford etc.) are cited as well. If you are interested in the Migration period and you don't mind foreign language books then you might enjoy this book.

Has anybody discovered any obscure books worth getting?