Scabbard covers
It's been awhile since I've put down this project, in favor of schooling, but since I have a few days free I'm hoping to pick it up again, and finally finish her.

This is a DelTin blade purchased from Atlanta Cutlery a few years ago when they were liquidating a bunch of DelTin bare-blades. The guard is from the Albion moat sale.
Everything else was made from scratch, and the pommel is my first foray into wire-inlay(I like to think I've improved significantly, in a crude sense).

Anyway, for years I've been having trouble locating a large enough, thin enough piece of leather to cover this scabbard(and when I CAN find it, it's far too expensive for a humble, college student's budget).

So, was anything other than leather ever used? Obviously I'm not looking for something too contemporary, but anything with a leg in historical precedence would be great, as well as different. I wish I COULD find a piece, as I do so much love leather, but I also really want to call this piece finished, once and for all. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Velvet was used in at least one case. I've heard of linen as well.
I would like to second the use of velvet. Wool was also used a fair number of times but will probably cost about as much as the leather. linen is a bit cheaper, Canvas is very cheap and looks nice. Most of the sword scabbards in Kingdom of Heaven used canvas which can be purchased at the hardware store they are used as drop cloths by painters so it is very inexpensive, in appearance it is similar to linen and was used on a scabbard I will picture below.

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oops... I meant linen not linnen sorry typo
J. -

In an effort to slim down my fabric stash (I gave away 50 gallons of fabric just the other day), I am willing to give you either Linen or Cotton Velveteen (in Maroon or Black) to cover your scabbard with. I can't remember if I have wool laying about that I am willing to part with, but I might!

PM me if you're interested, and I can cut you a piece that is big enough to work.

Hi Hadrian,

Hadrian Coffin wrote:
I would like to second the use of velvet. Wool was also used a fair number of times but will probably cost about as much as the leather.

Do you have any specific examples of wool-covered scabbards? Linen, leather and velvet I've seen before but not wool and since I'm going to be making another scabbard soon I'm looking for all the sources and information I can get my hands on.


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