What is this??
Hello all,

Was hoping someone could tell what this is more specifically, all I know is that the blade is Jade inlayed with bronze and the handle appears to either be white jade or a type or marble, the carvings on the handle are similar to those seen on some Jians.

11 inch blade 1 ft 3.5 Inches overall. any tips on what it is and age would be greatly appreciated.

What is this??
I think the weapon you are holding is actually a dagger but it looks more like a miniature form of a jade-bladed Jian.
Looks more like oxidized copper/bronze then Jade...
Chinese Jian type object with a jade hilt and a copper-alloy blade. Most likely a repro.
It's quite pretty, even if it's a likely repro. I doubt it's jade, though. It should be pretty obvious if it's metal or stone if you're holding it up close like that, however. What's the weight of the item?

Oh, I have no doubt its stone, I did a magnetic test, Ive scratched it , and I used a mild solvent to test to see if the green was verdigris and its not its stone, Blade is likely to be Nephrite which is documented to have color ranges of Deep greens to yellows and whites as well as having deep greens with some irregular coloration in it as well. Id guess weight to be near a pound or so with 95% of the weight being centered in the handle.

my Girlfriend got it on Ebay from a oriental " antiques" dealer there also appears to be solidified sediment, possibly being a light yellowish silt or a light brown sand around where the blade joins the handle.

this is just what I have been able to determine so far, Im mainly interested in its use in chinese culture and prospective age. Even if its a repro Id like to know the same info of what its modeled after and history of the item.
Does nephrite really get that many different colours next to each other? Especially that strong and clear ones, with no white regions between them.
From what Ive read it can... but thats only from what Ive found, I dont know the reputability of the page

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