Wkc-sports quality

I'm thinking about purchasing one of their folded steel daitos.
Before I do,I would like to ask anyone who ever handled any of their pieces a question.

How would you rate it overall performance and construction?

Thank you in advance

Sorry for my messed up English,long sentences are not my strong side.
They had a table beside Albion's at the last Atlanta Blade Show. I only handled a few but they felt nice to me. Good weight and balance, tightly wrapped tsukas that fit my hands perfectly.
They look not too bad - if you want a Japanese-shaped sword.

To my eyes the shape of the zori looks a little clumsy; as does the kissaki.

The weight and balance of the blade suggest a sword designed for tameshigiri; although the blade (according to their descriptions) has very little niku, which I'd expect on a cutting sword.

The tsuka follows the Bugei trend of being too long and disproportionate for the length of the blade. On a 2.45 shaku blade I would expect a tsuka of around 8.5 sun (about 25cm), not 10 sun. I suspect it is rather round in cross-section, rather than deeply eliptical.

The ito is rather poor in the photos, scruffy, with irregular diamonds.

For my money, I'd spend a little extra and talk to Quentin Ball at Nine Circles (http://www.ninecircles.co.uk/). He's got a very nice range of steel iaito which look very close to Nihonto and are design for Iai use.

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