Gallowglass Academy (outside Rockford, IL) will be holding a one day seminar on the use of the single rapier on Saturday February 28, 2009.

Instructors will be Allen Reed and Michael Pennock.

Fee is $15.00 until February 15, 2009 and $25.00 thereafter.

Students in this class will be introduced to the fast paced and exciting martial art of European swordplay of the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Students will learn fencing as it was practiced throughout western Europe based on the instructors' study of both historic treatises and modern texts, and work with other scholars in the use of the rapier.

Those interested in taking this class will be actors and re-enactors who want to learn more about the historic fighting style they are recreating, martial artists who want to learn more about their European heritage and, of course, anyone who has grown up watching the great swashbuckling movies from Hollywood!

Participants will need to bring a rapier simulator, fencing mask, gorget, gloves and rapier doublet, fencing jacket or heavy long sleeved sweatshirt.

Gallowglass can provide some loaner gear. Please call ahead if you need to borrow gear.

All men also need to wear groin protection.

Go to, or call 815-973-1064 for more details.