Baltimore Knife and Sword's standard stage combat line is now available through the fine gents at So far we just have 6 standard items.

The Broad swords for now are only available with wheel pommels and flat down turned guards. I am sure we will add more fitting options in the future.

The cutlasses are available with our saber#2 guard and with a standard connical pommel. Again, I am sure we will add more options in the future.

-28" basic broad sword
-28" fullered broad sword

-32" basic hand and a half
-32" fullered hand and a half

-28" saber #2 D ringed
-28" saber #2 with a pommel

You can view these products now at

Soon BKS will have its own manufacture page on their site.

I look forward to working with KOA. We will be adding product with them as we go.