Viking Sword
Has anyone here had experiance with Paul Neumann and ArmArt swords?

I really would like a pattern-welded viking sword and am willing to pay upwards of $3k but I do not want to wait more than 1yr. Can anyone help me with this dilema?
Hi Hadrian, just sent you a PM, look forward to hearing from you! :D
I believe you mean Pavel Neumann.

I don't really know where ArmArt stands these days, but I recommend you do a Forum Search. I remember when they first became popular online (for legitimately good products) they couldn't handle the volume, left some customers hanging for a long time, and there were some (legitimately) bad feelings about it.

I don't mean to make any claims about their current quality level or integrity; just reporting on my understanding of the history, as based on my witnessing the fallout while it happened. I do note on ArmArt's website that they are advertising an in-stock pattern-welded viking sword well within your budget which looks fine to me, as far as stats / appearance / description go. Per my own search just now, it seems people have been happy with their delivered ArmArt swords but prefer to buy in-stock items. So there you go.

On the other hand, for the full $3k you could certainly obtain a very nice custom pattern-welded viking sword from a number of recommended smiths. My immediate choice would be Patrick Bárta. However, the wait time is another matter altogether (unfortunately). That is something you will probably have to ask any potential maker directly.

Hope you find what you are looking for,
Gabriel L.

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